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Pipe & Sewer Inspection Cameras

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Pipe inspection

The industry standard for ruggedness, pushability and ease of use!

Drain & Sewer Video Inspection

RIDGID® is a world leader in CCTV technology. No matter what you need to see into, around or behind, there is a RIDGID inspection system available. With a wide selection of cameras, push cable, reels and monitors, there is a system that gives you the vision to solve difficult “in-line” problems fast.

Recording and sharing inspection jobs has never been easier. View, store and share inspection videos on DVD, a laptop or on the internet. More ways that RIDGID helps you increase profitability, professionalism and efficiency.

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Line Location

line location

Line tracing at its best. A full line of RIDGID® locators and transmitters are available, using advanced technology, to meet your needs for fast and accurate identification of buried electric, cable, water, gas, telecom, drain and sewer utilities.

Visual mapping makes RIDGID locators easy to use and offers the flexibility to meet various needs. A RIDGID locator is an ideal complement to RIDGID pipe inspection equipment.

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Hand-Held Video Inspection

Hand Held Video

The RIDGID® range of handheld visual inspection cameras eliminates the guesswork and reduces the amount of time required to detect and diagnose the unreachable.

RIDGID inspection cameras come equipped with a quality camera and light source on the end of a 91cm flexible cable which can be bent and twisted into the most inaccessible areas. The camera sends live images to a high visibility digital LCD display allowing detailed visual inspections of hard-to-reach spaces.

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Why do so many professionals choose RIDGID® tools?

Pipe inspection

The answer is simple... Trust. Millions of RIDGID® tools go to work every day in plants, on construction sites and in countless other harsh environments. You can also depend on RIDGID to offer a wide selection of complementary choices and options to help your business attract new customers and keep old ones to grow your business volume. See it for yourself.

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RIDGID® tools are extremely versitile and suitable for a diverse range of industries including, but not limited to:

  • Plumbers
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Property management
  • Hotels
  • Hospitals

Reliable Reliable

These tools operate in extremes of heat and cold, withstand dirt and mud, and perform reliably day in and day out. RIDGID tools are known the world over as industry-leading products that allow professionals like you to complete jobs more quickly and reliably.

Efficient Efficient

We engineer ease-of-use into every product. And, we include innovative features to ensure that our tools and machines get jobs done as quickly as possible without compromising quality.

Innovative Innovative

We are constantly developing and manufacturing innovative products to meet the ever-changing demands of your job. Not only do our evolving technologies help you solve today’s problems, they are designed to address your future needs as well.